Saturday, 7 November 2015

My second pregnancy

For the second time, God gives the chance to Josua and I to be a real parent again. After He had taken our first baby boy, Josua and I thought that we will never get a chance to be a real parent. But now, at this moment, we are so happy for this chance. I realized that God is not cruel to us; right now He gives us the second chance. Although, it will be tense moments for seventh months ahead, Josua and I are very grateful for God’s mercy.

I really surrender to God, for everything! I don’t want to visualize too much. Only because of Him, I am pregnant again. Can I finish my pregnancy, give the birth well, and take care of him/her? I surrender to God. I don’t want to spend my time to worry about the next. I believe, if God decided to give the baby for Josua and I, it will be happened. Nothing can change it. So, if one day, God says that the baby is not ours again, I surrender. I just ask to God, please give us the strength to face it all with gratefulness.

During my second pregnancy, Josua and I try so hard to not to repeat our mistakes in my first pregnancy. Our big enemy is STRESS! There is always situation out there that contain a negative emotion, that possibly stresses us. We agree not think too much about the people around us. We learn to not involve many people in our marriage life, for this moment we do not think the others, just think both of us, and our second baby. The most important thing for us is to love each other.

Talking about my second pregnancy, it’s totally different than the first one. This time, I have morning sickness a whole day, not only in the morning! I can not eat oily foods, spicy food, warmed food, and coconut milk. Just the same with the first pregnancy, I don’t like eat vegetables too. In my first pregnancy, I gained 4 kg in just 4 weeks, but now in 8 weeks, I only gained ½ kg.

Due to my morning sickness, doctor gave me medicines. But I don’t want to consume them. I want to enjoy my pregnancy without medicines. I think, it is not good for my pregnancy to consume medicines although it with doctor prescription. I know, it’s not comfortable to face morning sickness a whole day, but I pay it. I also do not consume milk. I really want to enjoy the all process. I don’t want to be spoiled with my pregnancy. Because, I am not woman spoiled.

Some my friend said that in their pregnancy they have their mother to take care of her. And they said it’s so helpful. I knew, it will be helpful if I have too. But in my condition, God changes my mother with my husband. In my pregnancy, my husband becomes everything to me. He can be a mother, father, brother, sister, friend, and of course be MY LOVELY HUSBAND! So, I don’t need anyone else because I have Josua, all I need in every my single  time.

Dear our second baby, thank you for your existing in my womb. Josua and I wish we can meet. You are 8 weeks old now. Can’t wait to see you, our second baby. You are our second baby, but you will be our first baby who is going to be taken care by Josua and I as our child. See you on June 2016! Pray and love always for you.

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